Skin and Body care

Creams, Lotions, Hand washes, Body washes, Face washes, Facial scrubs, Eye gels, Lip balms, Face Serums, Face masks, Bath Salts

Hair Care

Hair shampoos, conditioners, treatments. Hair waxes, Hair pomades, Hair serums, Smoothing oils, Scalp treatments

Beard Care

Beard oils, Beard balms, Beard buffs, Shave creams, Beard washes, Mo waxes


EDPs, Solid colognes.


Dish washes, laundry liquids, Window and floor cleaners, Carpet cleaners, Air fresheners, Reed diffusers, Candles.

Food products

Other products

If you have other products in mind and wondering if we could make it, please feel free to share your ideas, we love a challenge.


Innovation is in everything we do at Ozcare.

We are constantly thinking outside the box to bring innovation into the products we develop, whether it be a new idea, a new ingredient or a new method or technology of making a product better, a process more efficient. We achieve customer satisfaction and self-achievement through constant innovation.

Product Development

We have a highly experienced team at Ozcare working in product development. Our team is skilled at helping customers develop their product brief, making a concept into reality from sampling to testing, data collection and accumulation, from prototype to finish product on shelf. 

Batching, Filling and packing 

We have various batching tank capabilities from 50litres to 10 tonne capacities that cater for hot and cold mixes and homogenization.

Our multiple semi auto and auto production lines cater for filling and packing of vast variety of product applications, from presentation of packaging, product filling, capping, labelling, coding, packing of the products. 

Our team is familiar with handling products from gels, lotions, creams, liquids, in a variety of packaging including round, square and odd shape bottles, to jars, tubes both plastic and aluminium, droppers, sprays and caps.

Our unique set up give us the flexibility to handle both the small and large volume production runs and ability to create additional capacity freely.

All products are formulated, tested, made, filled, and warehoused within our 2600m2 Cranbourne facility. 


Our facility is accredited with GMP cosmetic ISO22716 and HACCP. We are audited by external third-party organizations annually. We operate our entire facility to these standards. Quality checks are run at multiple check points throughout the cycle of the product, from raw materials, packaging ordering, receiving to bulk product batching, testing and finish product release. These practices ensure we get consistent high standard of quality products.