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Where do I start after having an idea for a product?

We would ask that you consider the following about your product to get you started: What is the concept or the purpose of the product? Where is it to be sold? What key ingredients might you want in your product? What type of packaging and label, whether or not you want your product in a unit carton or not?

What are the first steps I need to take in developing my own products with Ozcare?

We ask that you fill in a product brief that gives us a basic overview of your concept, ingredients, packaging (tube, bottle, jar, pouch, sachet) etc. The brief helps us create individual products for you, the more information the better. We are dedicated to turning your ideas and concepts into reality.

How do I go about getting samples made up?

If you are happy to proceed and we are confident that we can help you, the next step would be to move into the research and development stage. This is where we develop your brief and make up some samples for you. We would need your business details, business name, A.B.N., business address, contact name and email, and we would email you an invoice for $1000 plus GST (of which $500 is refundable off your first order, non-refundable if you chose not to proceed). Once payment is received, we will provide you with up to 10 samples of your product or products (totalling 10) based on the information you have given us. If you would like to work from an existing  formula, we can also send you some products from products we have previously made to give you an idea of texture, smell and viscosity. We never make a product the same for any two customers. We endeavour to create unique formulas for every brand and every customer.

What are the normal lead times for productions?

You are looking at 12-16 weeks from the approved sign-off on the formula. This, however, may vary due to packaging, obtaining certifications, raw material supply and stability trials.

What is your minimum order run?

For products in bottles and jars, it’s a minimum order run of 1500 units per individual product, and for products in tubes, its 3000 units per individual product.

Do you supply packaging, or can we supply our own?

We can supply standard types of packaging in the form of bottles, jars, and printed tubes. Alternatively, if you have specific packaging that you source yourself, we will need to see this to ensure that it is suitable to our machinery and your formula before we can supply a quotation. It is essential to know what packaging you want the product to go in as it determines viscosity. For example, if you wish to use a jar, it will need to be thick. On the other hand, if you are planning to use a pump, the formula needs to be thinner etc.

Do you help in the design of our labels?

Labels and unit cartons are designed, sourced, and printed by the customer/brand owner. We can supply recommended printing or design companies when the time comes. We can provide some industry guidelines to help you with this when required.

May I schedule a phone or zoom call? Or a meeting with you to discuss my idea? May I drop by to see the premises?

We are not able to schedule meetings for potential customers. At this stage, we can only host meetings with committed customers. Once you enter the R&D process and are developing a product with us, we can schedule a meeting by phone, zoom or in person. For on-site visits, Covid safe rules might apply. 

How do you quote, and what to do include in your quoted price?

We quote on a per unit basis, and our unit costings include formula, packaging (where agreed), labelling (not including the label cost), coding, filling and packing into shippers in one combined cost. Each approved formula will need to go through our stability program before production (unless you agreed to sign a waiver not to). The stability cost is $300.00 plus GST per formula. This is a once-off fee unless the formula is changed, and stability needs to be recommenced. Each production batch (initial and ongoing) will have a microbiological testing fee of $45 plus GST per formula. We do not provide formalised quotes until you have confirmed which formula(s) you wish to move ahead with. We also need confirmation on packaging such as sizing, colours (how many are in the artwork, flip top or screw top, or pump, matte or gloss finish and whether you are putting it in a unit carton (shelf ready box).

What happens after we confirm the formula?

After you are happy with your formula and you want to proceed, we will provide you with a quote. If you confirm this quote, contracts are exchanged, and a sales confirmation for the total production job is provided. At this stage, we require a 50% deposit. Once received in full, we will enter the product into stability testing (taking four to six months, depending on the formula) and into our production schedule. The timeline is based on when the product comes out of stability and packaging arrives.

Who owns the formula?

If Ozcare create the formula, we maintain ownership of the formula.

What if we have our own formula?

We are happy to manufacture this for you. We require information such as the product stability and PET test data, ingredients supply and source, manufacturing procedures etc, previous production history, shelf life validation, scale up production validation etc . We will also make a sample for you to approve prior to proceeding.

When do I receive my complete ingredient list?

We will provide a list of key ingredients with your sample on request only. Complete INCI ingredient lists are provided once the sample is approved and the 50% deposit is paid.

If I had bulk product I needed filled, or bottles I needed labelled, do you offer just these services alone?

Unfortunately, we do not offer those services to people that are not our customers as we are a full-service contract manufacturer.

Is Ozcare Certified, and with Whom?

Our facility has been independently audited, accredited, and certified with:

ISO 22716 Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


Vegan Certified

Australian Made Campaign

What is required to certify my products?

We can help you obtain other third-party certifications at an extra cost.

Do you make sunscreens?

No. We are not a TGA certified facility, we cannot manufacture products that SPF claims.

Do you make coloured cosmetics like lipstick, foundations, makeup?

No. We do not make these products.

What kind of microbiological and stability testing is done, and how much does this cost?

As part of our procedure, all products need to have 4-6 months of stability (unless you sign a Waiver not to), depending on the formulation. Once you sign off on the final formulation and are ready to proceed with an order, we place your samples in for stability testing at no additional costs. We provide TVAC testing on all applicable products when produced.

When it comes to placing orders after the initial run, how long does that usually take?

Production times around 8-10 weeks after your first order, however, this can sometimes be reduced. It is dependent on raw material and packaging. Tubes can take 12 weeks to arrive from artwork signed off.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. We do not test on animals, all products have been sampled on the staff at Ozcare. We also only use ingredients that are cosmetic or food grade which ensures safety.

Will it be possible to have my products ready in less than two or three months? I need my products ready to launch very quickly.

Generally, from initial inquiry to finished product delivery, it can take a minimum of six months. This time includes research and development, sampling trials until approved, exchanging contracts and quotes, placing an order, stability testing, and finally, the production timeline. Therefore, we recommend that you plan for a minimum of six months before your product is ready to launch.

Do you have a catalogue of packaging options I can see?

We don’t have catalogue on hand, but we can direct you to our in-house brand websites to see product ranges. This will show you the types of packaging we can supply.

Do you have a list of your packaging options? We’re looking for environmentally sustainable packaging and non-toxic (i.e. BPA free plastics).

We can provide you with our preferred packaging suppliers. However, each customer is different and has varying requirements. Once we know more about the product you want to create, we can suggest environmentally friendly packaging options to suit your product and packaging goals.