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  • Where do I start after having an idea for a product?

    We would ask that you consider the following about your product to get you started: What is the concept or the purpose of the product? Where is it to be sold? What key ingredients might you want in your product? What type of packaging and label, whether or not you want your product in a unit carton or not?

  • What are the first steps I need to take in developing my own products with Ozcare?

    We ask that you fill in a product brief that gives us a basic overview of your concept, ingredients, packaging (tube, bottle, jar, pouch, sachet) etc. The brief helps us create individual products for you, the more information the better. We are dedicated to turning your ideas and concepts into reality.

  • What are the normal lead times for productions?

    You are looking at 12-16 weeks from the approved sign-off on the formula. This, however, may vary due to packaging, obtaining certifications, raw material supply and stability trials.

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