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Moisturising Soap

Moisturising Soap

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Our Moisturising Soap contains 30% Goatsmilk & 10% Aloe vera - two of nature's most efficient moisturisers.

This Moisturising Soap effectively cleanses the skin without creating dryness and is Sulphate, Paraben, and Silicone-free. 

Ozcare Moisturising Soap contains a sustainable Palm Oil, Glycerine, Sweet Almond Oil ensuring it will moisturise the skin whilst gently cleansing. This comes in an economical 100-gram pack size.

The Ozcare Goatsmilk & Aloe Vera skincare range was created to moisturise dry skin effectively, whilst creating non-drying cleansers specifically formulated to moisturise the skin whilst gently cleansing.

This range of moisturising skincare contains active ingredients formulated at a level to make a difference to the performance of each product. The actives are not simply incorporated at a nominal level in order to justify labelling claims.

All products contain a minimum of 10% Goatsmilk and Aloe Vera giving the products in our range true functionality.

Australian Made with pride. 

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